Rose Burnett Bonczek

Director, Author, Consultant, Educator

 I'm a New York based theater practitioner who has directed in NYC, regional, international and educational theatre for many years.  As an educator, I  developed and supervised the BFA Acting Program at Brooklyn College, CUNY and in 2018 I received the Oscar Brockett Excellence in Teaching Theatre in Higher Education Award from the Association for Theater in Higher Education - currently, I coach and teach privately.  I've been a consulltant for organizations such as Atlantic Theater Company, Stable Cable Lab Co, Fordham and CNY Arts, and I'm collaborating on a fourth book with co-author Mike Flanagan, due to be published in 2020.


These days...

  Check out my recent interview  with Pat McAndrew  and Roger Manix on iheart for Ships: The Vessels for a Meaingful Life: 

I'm currently teaching a series of improv workshops in NYC through May 2020, and I'm proud to be in my 16th year as the artistic director of Gi60: The International One Minute Theatre Festival: US Edition,