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My co-authors and I are very proud  of the enthusiastic responses these four books have received  from educators, students, theater practitioners, business leaders, life coaches and leaders in the artistic community.  Many have written to us to describe how they've successfully applied the content, research and exercises from these pages to their classrooms, rehearsals, theatre companies, workshops, leadership training  programs, and even to their interpersonal  dynamics. To order a copy, please click "Order Now". For more information, please click on the photo. 

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of All the Classroom's a Stage:  Applying Theater Principles to Teaching Techniques with co-author Michael Flanagan for Rowman & Littlefield Publishing. We reveal how educators can apply theatre skills to the craft of teaching and enhance their ability to actively engage students, motivate them, and strengthen their investment in the learning process.  This is a practical workbook that offers teachers - of any subject - multiple theatre techniques that are drawn from improvisation, acting, and directing to integrate with their pedagogy and methods for college classrooms across multiple disciplines.  To purchase:'s-a-Stage-Applying-Theater-Principles-to-Teaching-Techniques - also available on Amazon.

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