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Click here for detailed online adaptations of exercises. 

ATCAS reveals how teachers can apply theater skills to the craft of teaching and enhance their ability to engage and motivate students, cultivate collaborative learning, and become stronger and more dynamic 'performers' in the classroom.

ATCAS illustrates how to use theater techniques to invigorate the craft of teaching in college classrooms across multiple disciplines. Whether a new teacher navigating the job for the first time or an experienced veteran hungry for new teaching methods, All the Classroom’s a Stage will transform a traditional classroom into a dynamic creative space built on collaborative sharing of the educational experience. 

ATCAS is especially timely and helpful as we segue from the isolation and separation of Zoom classrooms, to in-person learning. Includes sections on self-care for teachers - invaluable in light of recent events.

Check out our recent interview with Patrick McAndrew, host of the podcast Relate.

Choice, a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and a division of the American Library Association, named ATCAS a Top Ten Editors Pick for 2021:

"Flanagan and Burnett Bonczek, both experienced theater educators and directors, provide fantastic suggestions on how instructors can improve their teaching craft by applying principles and exercises common in the world of theater. While these suggestions are primarily directed toward those teaching in colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning, the lessons are applicable to teachers of all levels.


The theater principles and exercises explored in this volume are a great way to reinvigorate classroom practice, engage with students collaboratively in the education process, and improve the knowledge and experience of emotional intelligence for both the reader and the students with whom they work. The creativity of the processes covered will also help instructors reconsider how they convey information to students and perhaps experiment with methods that are less traditional but more effective. The writing is approachable, fun, and enjoyable. In all, this is a fantastic work that this reviewer highly recommends to anyone attempting to teach in any subject.


Summing Up: Highly recommended"

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