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ATCAS reveals how teachers can apply theater skills to the craft of teaching and enhance their ability to engage and motivate students, cultivate collaborative learning, and become stronger and more dynamic 'performers' in the classroom.

ATCAS illustrates how to use theater techniques to invigorate the craft of teaching in college classrooms across multiple disciplines. Whether a new teacher navigating the job for the first time or an experienced veteran hungry for new teaching methods, All the Classroom’s a Stage will transform a traditional classroom into a dynamic creative space built on collaborative sharing of the educational experience. 

ATCAS is especially timely and helpful as we segue from the isolation and separation of Zoom classrooms, to in-person learning. Includes sections on self-care for teachers - invaluable in light of recent events.

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Reflecting a combined 45 years of its authors' theatrical and teaching experience, ATCAS cuts to the chase that lies at the heart of both drama and education: the empathetic and imaginative telling of the human story. The great theater of the human experience and memory is hardwired into all of us (actors, directors and educators). We just need to discover how to tap into it. Flanagan and Bonczek have given us the tools to do exactly that. The authors have provided all educators with an inspiring guide for student / learner success.

 — Joseph McGraw, adjunct professor of history,
          Stevenson University

If you're looking to ignite your classroom, look no further. This clear-cut guide offers a renewed (and quite possibly brand new) passion for teaching. The clarity of the authors gives confidence to apply their techniques to the craft of teaching any subject with complete conviction. Their methods are sure to develop a trust between student and teacher that is the foundation for all good learning. And perhaps most importantly, it inspires young minds to engage in their education in ways that are both challenging and welcoming.

 — Roger Manix, co-founder, Ludolo, experiential platform
for leadership development & team-building

While everyone is fretting about “flipping classrooms” so technology can save us all, Bonczek and Flanagan remind us humanity is the greatest teacher’s aid. Merging the pathos of the theater with the logos of the classroom, they present us with the incredible, imagination-freeing, idea-multiplying, human-connecting power of group storytelling. The true beauty of it? No discipline is immune to the power of ensemble learning.

— Christian De Matteo, English and creative writing
          professor, St. Mary’s College of California