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My passion fiercely lies in the belief that ensemble principles strengthen every endeavor. Ensemble is the bonded group

identity that is created when a group of individuals come together and commit to serving a larger goal and its needs.

There must be a willingness to sacrifice what the individual wants in their shining moment, in order to give the ensemble, and the goal, its shining moment. It requires a willingness to collaborate, to commit to the ‘yes, and’ philosophy, to face personal fears, take risks, play as a team, and for each individual to make their unique contribution to the goal. This serves the furthest potential of any and all endeavors.

The word "consultant" was always a bit of a mystery to me - it sounded like an exotic job, was a bit undefinable, and yet seemed to be vital to a project or a company's future. Since leaving my position as head of the BFA Acting Program at Brooklyn College, I've learned that I've actually been 'consulting' my whole life. I've collaborated with others to strengthen and develop their skill sets, and used my experience and insights to guide every ensemble to the realization of their vision and goals.  

Through my extensive exploration of group behavior, I've successfully developed processes and exercises that can help any group discover their limitless positive potential. Left alone, human dynamics might result in strong bonds (lightning in a bottle), or might result in unhealthy competition and conflict (“I can’t wait for this to be over!”).  By consciously and strategically taking actions to apply ensemble principles to any group will create ideal conditions to strengthen that group and enhance their ability to meet their goals.  My decades of experience in developing structured systems that support collaborative work also ensures that the discoveries and progress we make together is sustainable and repeatable. 


My background as an ensemble leader has given me a breadth of experience that will help you, your production or your organization identify - and realize - your challenges and goals.

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Responses from Collaborators

Rose has been instrumental as a consultant for my theater company,

Stable Cable Lab Co. from the ground-up.  When we revamped our

company mission statement to focus on inter-generational collaboration,

Rose advised me on an invaluable workshop series that involved ensemble building through guided discussion, collaborative exercises, and group writing prompts. She helped me with logistics for each workshop, as well as selecting an incredible ensemble of inter-generational artists to participate in the series. 

She is phenomenal at asking the "right questions"-- questions that are thought provoking and that have helped me to become more specific with my goals as an Artistic Director of an inter-generational ensemble.  She has great intuition about leadership -- she knows when it is time to take the reins, and also when it's more effective to observe from the sidelines.  Rose brings positive energy to every room she's in, helps us all get to the heart of what we want to achieve, and then offers brilliant suggestions on the route to get there.  There is a magic to working with Rose Bonczek that I can't quite describe, but her presence brings out the best collaborative spirit in everyone she works with. 

–– Lisa Anderson, artistic director of Stable Cable Lab Co.


Rose Bonczek is a marvelous communicator whom we've been extremely pleased to have working at our annual theater festival for high school students as an adjudicator. She strikes the right balance as she mentors the students and the directors on their work, is conscientious about planning and preparation, and this shows in her fantastic execution.  Moreover since getting to know our agency, a regional arts council in the center of the state, we have used Rose as a consultant and she has helped us advance our arts education programs including the festival and producing a new theater piece for children in grades k through 4. We are happy to know that as many students reach college level, they have reached out to Rose through their earlier interactions with her at the festival to consult on college and career choices. With her vast knowledge, authorship of important books for teaching in the field, and work ethic Rose is simply one of the best.

–– Stephen Butler, Executive Director, CNY Arts (formerly Cultural Resources Council). Syracuse, NY

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