2018 Recipient of the Oscar Brockett Excellence in Teaching Theatre in

Higher Education from the Association of Theatre in Higher Education 

Claire Tow Distinguished Teacher Award

Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Currently at The Well:

Though the Well is never dry, we need to temporarily pause in drawing and sharing that water together. Improv classes and coaching are temporarily suspended due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  When studios are able to safely open again, I'll be offering a series of free improv workshops for us to gather and celebrate your creativity, strength and endurance together. For now, do what a well does in quieter times; replenish. Replenish your energy, your imagination, your resources. 

Recently, I've begun to teach some Zoom classes; if you're game for some online creative play, or want me to be a guest teacher for your group or organization, please contact me via this site.

I'll also resume in-person audition coaching when circumstances allow. I'm currently doing limited private coaching via Zoom - please email me for reasonable rates; special discount for former students. Together, we'll review your resources, dig deep into your monologue selection process, and strengthen your skills and confidence for your upcoming auditions/interviews.


PRIVATE ACTING CLASS: October 8-November 5

I'm delighted to announce that I'm offering an acting class starting Tuesday, October 8, running for four consecutive Tuesdays through October 29 (an optional fifth class will meet on Tuesday November 5) in Manhattan at Simple Studios. My personal approach is through improvisation and working from the self; this scene study intensive will be firmly rooted in the joyful pursuit of being present, open, responsive and impulsive with one another. We'll focus on strengthening your individual skills, deepening collaborative/partnership techniques, and delving deeply into character and relationships.  We'll work on a single scene for the 4 weeks (5-7 minutes in length); each class will meet for 3 1/2 hours, 6:30-10:00 pm, with the first part of class dedicated to group work that will support you in being present with one another, and to dynamically and playfully work from your self. 

 -   Class will be capped at twelve (12) students. First come, first served. 

 -   Actors must commit to the full 4 weeks. The 5th week meeting on November 5th is optional. 

 -   Every actor will work/present in every class. 

 -   I'll speak with each person in advance to review personal goals and which specific skills you'd like to focus on 

 -   Actors will have the opportunity to select their own scene partners in advance; If you've not selected a partner by a given deadline, I’ll select one for you – but then it will be up to you to sort out a mutually agreeable rehearsal schedule 

 -   You'll select your own 5-7 minute scenes; I'm available for consultation throughout the preparation process. I’m open to all sources (plays, film) – but, the scene must be well written so that your focus can be on mining the gold in the scene; not compensating for awkward or weak writing


The class will be a safe and supportive space to explore, discover, and grow; positive mutual support is required, respect for the work and one another is essential, and a willingness to be open and play is a must.


The fee for the four week class is $265.00 – this includes consultations with me prior to the class meetings, the 4 class sessions themselves, room rental, and includes the fifth optional week. On November 5, we’ll meet as a group to ‘de-brief’ and discuss progress you feel you've made, what you identify as wanting to work on for the future, or how it’s informing your work. Did you set out to explore one skill, and found yourself focusing on something entirely different? How keen is your current ability to self-assess? If you had more time, what would you want to do next?


To Register:

Please contact me at roseburnettbonczek@gmail.com to register' (all you need to do to register is say "Yes, and"!) - registration is first come, first served.

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