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The one minute play offers a unique and exciting challenge to writers, actors, and directors: Can you really tell a story in a minute? Yes! One Minute Plays shows how you can create a whole world, where actors have room to perform and where audiences have a true experience, all in 60 seconds.

One Minute Plays  is the first book to focus on the one minute play as a creative form in its own right. Our shared experiences and the extensive examples in this book give educators, writers, actors and directors a clear and supportive guide to the skills essential to the creation, performance and production of the one minute play as both a written and performed art form.  This handbook includes:

  • An anthology of 200 one minute plays selected from the annual Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) International One Minute Theatre Festival

  • A toolbox of exercises, methodologies and techniques for educators, practitioners and workshop leaders at all levels

  • Tips and advice on the demands of storytelling and creative challenges

  • Detailed practical information about creating your own one minute (or short  form) festival, including play selection, staging and marketing

I use OMP to teach playwriting. Students often feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing a play. The resources and information in OMP helps my students grasp the concepts quickly. The one minute play allowed them to practice playwriting fundamentals repeatedly in a short amount of time. Reading and performing each others' plays is always a highlight of the semester. Ansell and Bonczek's text is accessible, informative and inspiring.

                            –– Elizabeth Ostler,  Fordham University

As an in-depth guide to creating and staging an ensemble production of incredibly enjoyable theater, this volume is indispensable. OMP also includes a catalog of 200 one-minute plays that the authors have staged, and they are marvelous. Highly Recommended!

                                              –– Alex Bernstein, playwright

Truly practical. Very informative and easy to apply their ideas from the book into a classroom. The plays are divided up into easy access headings. The brevity of the plays make them useful for classwork or auditions or a full evening of thought provoking theater.

                      –– James MacNerland, playwright, teacher

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